Another Day of Gratitude

 Tonight, I had another chance to connect with filmmaker Reinaldo Marcus Green in person, and also to attend a panel discussion on which he and several others spoke about distributing independent films.  First, I have to say, thank you Rei. Your unwavering interest in and compassion for humanity makes me exceedingly grateful for my profession and the opportunities to connect with inspired and talented people and their projects.

Secondly, looking at some of my goals and ideas, the temptation to shrink back, overwhelmed, has definitely knocked on my door a few times. Classes like the free ones offered by the SAG Foundation for union members give me so many reasons to feel optimistic and excited about the learning process. At tonight's events, several talented panelists devoted their time to helping answer questions by excited filmmakers and actors, all eager to produce creative material for the world to see.

My next project? Aside from learning a German opera and working on my film career, I'm looking forward to creating my very own webseries. I want to interview people who balance exceedingly high levels of success and happiness - they are rare! Not only do I want to surround myself with them so I can grow and change, but I want to introduce them to the world. Do you know anyone who fits the bill? Please let me know

In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful summer weather, the incredible people all around us, and the connections throughout our wonderful and varied universe. I'm so grateful for those who selflessly work to make it all a better place. Here's to us all finding the balance and joy in our own lives.