Deciding Happiness - Interviews with Nicholas Pallesen

"Remember that you are the only person who gets to decide what happiness, what fulfillment, and what success mean to you. You're the only person who gets to decide that because it's your life." -Nicholas Pallesen

Self-help books, skydiving, and a life of trial and error have so far led me to this moment. Amassing interviews and advice for and from my newest endeavor, The Peace of Persistence, I've met incredible people and continue to learn new inspiration I never expected and old wisdom I needed to hear once more. For those of you who don't know, I've launched a shorter YouTube webseries and extended iTunes audio podcast where I interview people who exhibit extremely high levels of happiness and success. You should check it out

In fact, this month, hypnotist and opera singer Nicholas Pallesen surprised me with just how much he could say that I needed to hear. So much that I made two episodes to accommodate its duration. You should really check them out.

I expect this series to continue for quite some time. Before you think I've figured it all out and want to bestow positivity on the world, I want to come clean. I need it just as much as the next human. Last winter, I went through seasonal depression I never thought would end. When it did finally, after a few weeks, I suffered an injury that threw me into yet another depression. Although I feel much better today, I have my moments, and no matter what we show on Facebook, very few of us are as happy or successful as we seem.

That's why I created The Peace of Persistence. So that each new person I meet who has decided their happiness, their success, their fulfillment can, has, or will be achieved can teach all of us how to let go of the "should be" and find comfort in not knowing all that this incredible life and universe has in store. Incidentally, Nicholas discusses all of that. I can't wait to meet the next person, or go to the next place, that overflows with lessons for living and truly thriving - and I can't wait to share it.