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Tomorrow's Spectacular Offering

One of the great joys in my life is regularly having the opportunity to do completely irregular things. This week? No exception. Although I could easily write about the incredibly singular acting class by Josh Pais that infuses me with energy and life each week, or about the chance to sing two completely different programs at Carnegie Hall in one week (last night's involved a Japanese benefit concert), I'd like to focus now on just this one concert - tomorrow night's.

With so many friends in the chorus, orchestra, and soloists, I can't wait to contribute to the performance of Elgar's The Apostles. An extraordinary work of great beauty and rarity, everyone in the hall will hear the luscious harmonies and experience even the sound of a shofar in the orchestra. I'd even dare to call our conductor Leon Botstein a friend in many ways, as he's been a great friend of the arts and artists for most of his life. Because of him and his passion for uncovering these rare gems, I get to perform, present, and experience these incredible pieces I otherwise probably would never have even heard.

Tonight, I feel full of gratitude, and I imagine that sensation will multiply exponentially at tomorrow's event, and hopefully for many years as I continue to create great art. Living life as an artist is generally as complicated as one might imagine, yet these moments sparkle as the highlights and reminders of why I do it. I also live this life in this way so others can enjoy the fruits of our labors - which I highly recommend you do tomorrow night, if you can.

2014 NYC Marathon - Finally!

2014 NYC Marathon - Finally!

No matter the chilly weather tomorrow, whatever aches or pains I may feel along the way, regardless of the time in which I finish the race, every mile has contributed to a renewed joy in living well worth the two years of waiting and striving.  

Thank you...

How to stalk my race: 
I'm #60100. I'm wearing a purple hat, purple tshirt that says "ABBY," possibly a green jacket, black capris, and purple shoes. Lots of purple. I start around 10:55am and expect to finish after 3:30pm. 

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Ode to the New York Strangers

Ode to the New York Strangers

A film audition for Funny the Movie rounded out my day, and the warm, inviting atmosphere of what must have been a very long day for those involved caused me to stop and consider the beautifully human and often generous side of the entertainment industry...  Stereotypes about the entertainment industry and NYC would have us turn our tails and run if we ever dared to listen for too long. Honestly, acting is about connecting, and the city is an incredible place in which to do it.