A New Beginning

Photography by http://letthecolorsrumble.deviantart.com

A few years ago, I began on a journey I called "Skydiving for Pearls," an attempt at gaining wisdom and changing my life by doing something that scared me or took me outside of my comfort zone every day. It did indeed change my life. Far more willing to take a risk, speak my mind, abandon old rules that don't apply to me comfortably, I'm grateful to have evolved into a version of me who's more comfortable in her own skin. 

As a performer who both sings and acts, I have so much to offer the world and also so many landscapes to navigate. On this journey, I'd like to offer you a bird's-eye view of all of the different facets of my life and career. In addition, I'll admittedly use it as accountability - to keep me on my toes and keep me marketing, auditioning, and doing all the great things I get to do to maintain and further this fabulous career that helps me entertain and influence the world in my way.  So welcome, and please feel free to comment or drop a line as I unravel the path before me.