Who Will Buy?

Yesterday, I embarked upon my second intensive course on acting in commercials. The first I enjoyed very much but didn't actually act upon it afterwards, as I was learning the ins and outs of the commercial industry and just trying to get my bearings. This time, several actors in a class down the hall from another seminar I was attending grabbed my attention as their high energy and contagious enjoyment permeated the hallway. When I asked which class they were taking, several of them chimed in that Barry Shapiro's commercial classes were absolutely the best and that I should sign up if I had any interest in doing commercials. I do, so I did.

This week began the first of five classes with Barry Shapiro, who conducts the class with clarity, enthusiasm, and honesty - all in his varied and creative socks. As the only union actor in the course, I felt great about also being identified as the first to accomplish what he'd asked as we worked on camera with specific facial expressions. He gave us valuable information and kept us engaged throughout the two and a half hour long class (the shortest of the five to come). It's funny to feel like I want to recommend the course after only the first day, but I'm excited for the rest and love his infectious and devoted energy to the craft of acting. Perhaps the next time you see me, I'll be selling another product - online or on your television set.